Saturday, May 11, 2019

Director of Communication Services at HCC speaks with students at Texas Southern University

 Houston, Texas- On Wednesday April 10, 2019 Debra Mcguaghey, Director of Communication Services at HCC 
came and spoke with students at Texas Southern University. 

“My college professor inspired my whole career,” said Debra Mcguaghey, Director of Communications Services at Houston Community College (HCC) Central, who marketing, advertising, and public relations from the field perspective, Speaking with our class at Texas Southern University and sharing her experiences with us, Ms. Mcguaghey, explained different platforms in journalism.

Debra Mcguaghey grew up in upstate New York City. She is now married and a mother of four children. “To be a good journalist you have to learn how to write,” said Ms. Mcguaghey. Starting off in her career Ms. Mcguaghey, received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism at Boston University. She was a general assignments reporter at the Dallas Morning news from 1980-1984. Further, Ms. Mcguaghey became a general assignment report for the KHOU-TV for 13 years before becoming director of public relations at the HCC.
When speaking with our Introduction to Journalism class on Wednesday April 10, 2019, Debra Mcguaghey highlighted what reporters would do to enhance the practice of journalism. There practices are deadline pressure, covering different type of stories, being on time, staying late to get the job done, and speaking to people. “In television you have to be brief, write in past tense, and be very assertive and aggressive,” said Ms. Mcguaghey. When speaking to us, she made sure that we understood what steps and sacrifices we would need to Progress.

She also emphasized on putting the main focus on history, internships, and career goals; knowing different platforms, and learning about public relations as well. Ms. Mcguaghey spoke about the 8 examples of basic public relations and those are press release, events, partnership, and letters to the editor, pop up shop, brochures, press conference, and original research. Being the director of communication services Debra Mcguaghey is preparing us aspiring journalists, radio personalities, to get ahead and learn the basics.

After her career at KHOU-TV Ms. Mcguaghey became the director of marketing and public relations for K. Mack & Associates in Houston, Texas where she Improved visibility of financial services through creation of collateral materials and marketing plan. Her duties also included improving financial and customer-service abilities of local businesses. She later joined the Houston Community College (HCC) and served as the director of communication service. Also, at the HCC, she had served as general manager at HCC-TV a position he held for 14 years.

Ms. Mcguaghey said that with writing and editing, she took everything she knew and used it, and with marketing she took other people’s work and made it even better. She advised the class to do a self-assessment to see what they are good at, stating that to be in journalism one has to be a good communicator. Meaning, that one must be a good writer, speaker, be creative, natural storyteller, and many other things. Ms. Mcguaghey shared with us things that we as students can take away from her and use it as a tool in our career

Ms. Mcguaghey also told the class that “if you’re in journalism or television news, you must have good writing skills” She also explained that you have to be a little pushy and think fast on your feet. “You must be persistent with everything that you do,” she said. Giving us these tips can really help us in our careers. Ms. Mcguaghey gave us other pointers that will help us as journalists and I really appreciate her talking to our class.

As a young African American student who is studying broadcast journalism and is an aspiring journalists, I think that it is really amazing seeing a successful African American woman who has done it all. Ms. Mcguaghey continues to help students whether it is teaching at the HCC or speaking with a class. She continues to show that she cares about the next generation and want us to succeed just like her. Even as a mother and a wife, she did not let that stop her from completing her goals.

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